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As Chartered Accountants we use our expert knowledge and experience to help businesses succeed through improving business practices and profits in areas they might not yet have considered.

Our Services Include...

Accounting Services

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We understand that businesses are under increased pressure to increase revenue and controls while reducing costs and complying with regulatory requirements. We help our clients, to focus on their core revenue generating activities by providing cost effective outsourced services that alleviate the burden of compliance.

Our services extend to small and medium size companies in NZ and Pacific Islands including Trusts focused entities that want to outsource some or all of the accounting and administration functions.

We can also assist with short term assignments or specific projects to meet client’s needs. These may include the initial setup of company records, cleaning up accounts and processing up to date information.

Our Accounting Services include:
Compilation of Monthly and Yearly Financial Accounts.
Compilation of Special Purpose Financial Statements.
Compilation of Periodic Management Accounts.
Preparation of Cash Flow Statements.
Maintenance of your Company’s Statutory Records.
Preparation of Yearly Budgets and Monthly Forecasts.
Preparation of Variance Analysis Report.

Outsourced Payroll Services

We can offer clients a comprehensive payroll service including:
Calculation of payroll using computerised Payroll Software.
Preparation of pay slips and supporting documentation.
Preparation of third party reconciliations and other associated documentation.
Preparation and submission of annual and biannual PAYE reconciliations.
Submission of monthly PAYE payments and reconciliation to the Inland Revenue.
Electronic payment of salaries by funds transfer direct from the company bank to employee bank.
Dealing with general employee queries in relation to payroll and related matters.

Taxation Services

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We can provide a complete range of Taxation Services. Using our Inland Revenue and Corporate experience we endeavour to give our Individual, Business and Trust clients a competitive advantage by uncovering tax planning opportunities and developing tax efficient strategies that can lead to improved financial performance, while ensuring full compliance at all times.

Our Tax Services include:
Tax Advice and Planning
Tax Compliance.
Preparation of annual Income Tax Returns (Individuals, Businesses & Trusts).
Preparation of other Tax Returns (GST, FBT, PAYE, ACC Levies etc.).
Payroll Structuring.
Assistance with Inland Revenue Dispute Resolution and Tax Audits.
Assistance with Inland Revenue Voluntary Disclosure Programme.

Forensic & Investigation Services

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Our Forensic Services helps manage risk by accurately and expediently unravelling financial mysteries. We use cutting edge methodologies to identify and prevent your business or organisation from becoming a victim of fraud, corruption or any form of white collar crime.

Our Forensic Services offers a range of proactive and reactive forensic services which includes the following:
Providing Business Intelligence on: Individual (e.g. pre-screening of employees) and Other areas of business (e.g. profiling and vendor due diligence).
Investigations into alleged Fraud, Corruption and Theft, for the purposes of: Disciplinary proceedings.
Assistance into Criminal and/or Civil Litigation.
Providing Fraud Awareness Training.
Providing General Fraud and Anticorruption Consulting.
Providing Fraud Prevention programmes on Organisational Fraud and Anticorruption awareness surveys.
Preparation and Development of Fraud and Anticorruption Policies and Codes of Conduct.
Providing Assessment, Monitoring and Review of Fraud and Anticorruption Policies and Programmes.
Preparation and Development Anti-Money Laundering Policies and Programmes.
Development of Ethics Hotline Reporting Services.
Conducting Data Analysis.
Asset Tracing.
Presentation of Expert Testimony.

Audit Services

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It has never been more vital to be able to have confidence in an audit. Audit quality is of fundamental importance for maintaining trust in the financial reporting process and the integrity of financial information. That is why we work continually to ensure that audits are carried out to a high standard.

Our experience enables us to focus on key areas of risk, adequacy of internal controls and potential areas of fraud.

With a focus that is specific to each business and industry, audit procedures are tailored to the particular operations and reporting requirements of the clients. As such, we are not simply performing to comply with statutory or regulatory requirements; We will also serve to assist our clients seeking additional capital, better terms from the company’s bankers, looking for investors or wanting to improve their operations.

We aim to provide our audit clients with “added value” when completing the statutory audit process, by identifying risk areas and recommending solutions, improvements and enhancements to all areas of the business operations.

Our Audit Services include:
Audits and reviews of year end and Interim Financial Statements.
Internal audit reviews of Accounting Systems and Practices.
Assistance in periodic Stock-Takes.
Special audits for Mutual funds, Charities and other Not-for Profit Entities.
Reporting on Accounting Systems and Controls.
Special audits according to Laws and Regulations.
Due Diligence work.

Business Risk Management

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Do you have the systems and controls in place to identify threats to your business objectives? Whether you are putting in place a risk management framework for regulatory reasons or to comply with best practice, the benefit of experience cannot be underestimated.

Risk management is much more than insurance, against fire, theft or flood. Any hindrance to your goals can present both financial and non-financial risks from the increasing pressures of compliance and regulations, people, financial operations and information technology.

Assurance from risk management is an important part of your organisation's sound governance. Assessing and managing risks can be a time-consuming task.

We can help you with your strategy by creating a proactive risk management system. We will make sure that you are armed against potential problems by putting the following risk management procedures in place:

Our Risk Management Services include:
Setting up a Risk Management Policy and Strategy.
Reporting on an appropriate risk appetite or level of exposure for assessing residual risk.
Conducting a regular review and reporting structure, including reports on risk management and internal control from the internal auditor.
Setting up a risk ‘Oversight’ Committee with clear terms of reference, e.g. an Audit Committee or a dedicated Risk Committee.
Setting up an Organisation-wide Risks Register.
Setting up a Risk prioritisation protocol.
Providing an Early Warning Mechanisms and other risk / Key Performance Indicators.
Assigning Risk ‘Owners’.
Prepare an on-going programme of Risk awareness Training.
Allow for a risk based Decision-Making.

Delta Accounting Hour

Time is precious and, in business, it is all too easy to neglect company fundamentals. Isn’t it right time to focus on your business? In just one hour, we are able to provide you with a structured assessment of your business.

Business success depends on four fundamentals: Business, People, Finance, Future and the balance between them.
Business: reputation and market position, strategy, product and service
People: strategic management, culture and communication, change management, HR
Finance: operational performance, risk management, cash flows
Future: innovative thinking with a vision for the future, future leadership


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